The eight criteria of a water and energy efficient bioclimatic building

Bioclimatic conception goes back a long way. It optimizes the construction (locaion orientation, rooms layout, apertures,…) in order to take advantage of natural resources (light, solar heat,…) and to be efficiently protected against climatic agressions (wind, summer heatwave,…)


The aim of implementing this conception is to get the occupants as comfortable as possible, day and night and through all seasons, while minimizing energy requirements other than those provided by the external environment, which are totally free. To reach this point, it is needed to know how to use these favourable climatic elements and how to discard the defavourable ones so that we are getting the best thermical comfort. The principles are the following :

  • A compact building exposed to the south
  • Thoughtful room layout
  • A thick insulation associated with a good inertia
  • Thermal bridges treatment
  • Highly performant joinery
  • No air leakage
  • A suitable ventilation
  • High-efficiency energies that give priority to renewable energies


Ecological materials

Along with these criteria, the constituent materials of a building must be chosen according to :

  • their impact on health
  • their technical characteristics
  • their long-lasting durability
  • their provenance
  • their grey energy consumption
  • their pollution level from fabrication to destruction
  • their recyclability


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